RMC Data Acquisition and Telemetry Services

Service supports User defined scheduled poling of targeted devices and fully automation environments. On-line configuration supports Continuous Process non-stop communication with field devices.

Communication support includes:

  • Real-time Data Register – Data Tag Polling
  • Archival data uploads from remote devices
  • Exception reports or “Cryouts – Call Outs”  from field devices.
  • Configuration tools and controls can be run via Remote Administration Support.
  • Embedded diagnostics and forensics Data Logging
  • Most communication functions and controls are accessible to external applications through OPC  UA Server interface.
    “Embedded Client” triggers,
  • Enables real-time data caching for OPC Client applications.
  • Automatic archived data uploads from field devices w/o OPC Client application.
  • Item aliases supported for protocol independent HMI/Client Application development
  • Browsing supports protocol specific data types/items and Aliases.
  • Multiple protocols can be supported on a single communication channel.

Telemetry Methods:

  • Serial Cable, Leased-line or Serial Multi-drop
  • Cellular: 3g/LTE  & Private LTE Networks
  • Radio:  (Conventional, Trunking, and Spread- Spectrum Radio)
  • Satellite: BGAN M2M / VSAT / Iridium
  • TCP/IP Ethernet,  Terminal Servers, and IP Interfaces.
  • Long Range Wireless

MODBUS Support:

  • Modbus RTU and ASCII
  • Omni 3000/6000 Modbus (Real-time Data, and History and Report Uploads)
  • Daniels Modbus RTU and ASCII (Real-time Data and History Uploads)
  • Enron Modbus (Real-time Data and History Uploads)
  • Flow Automation Modbus (Real-time Data and History Uploads)
  • ABB TotalFlow Modbus (Real-time Data and History Uploads
  • Motorola MOSCAD Modbus
  • Delta X Modbus (Real-time Data and Dynagraph Cards)
  • Baker CAC Modbus (Real-Time Data and Dynagraph Cards)
  • User Configurable Register Sets

Bristol Babcock BSAP Module
ABB TotalFlow Packet (Native) Protocol Module (Real-time Data and History Uploads)
ABB HCI-A Module (AAI Analyzers)
Allen Bradley DF1 Module
      Master-Slave (Half Duplex)
Point-To-Point (Full Duplex)
Fisher ROC Module (ROC 300 Series, FloBoss 407, 500 Series) (Real-time Data and History Uploads)
GE SNP Module
GE 90 Series PLC Ethernet Module
HP48000 Module (Real-time Data and History Uploads)
Cutler Hammer – IMPACC System Communications Module
Detroit Diesel DDEC Module ( Detroit Diesel Electronic Controller)
General Motors EMD MDEC Module (Marine Diesel Electronic Controller)
Caterpillar ECM Module (Electronic Controller Module)
Nautronix ASK Module
Mercury ECAT, ER Module (Real-time Data and History Uploads)
Teledyne CA , TGP Module

Special Modules:

  • AGA Module (AGA-3, AGA-8 Detailed, AGA-8 Gross 1 and 2, and AGA-7 calculations compliant with the standards and tolerances set by the American Gas Association and API.)

Data Communication Transactions:

Real-time Data

  • Interval Polling at 15 different intervals (Periodic Timer Triggered)
  • Slow Polls at 15 Intervals are a percentage of Polling Interval (Faster and Slower rates are supported.)
  • Synchronous Polling (Clock or Calendar Triggered)
  • Demand Polling (DDE/OPC Client Triggered)

History/Archived data Uploads

  • Interval Uploads at 15 different intervals (Periodic Timer Triggered)
  • Slow Uploads at 15 Intervals are a percentage of Polling Interval (Faster and Slower rates are supported.)
  • Synchronous Uploads (Clock or Calendar Triggered)
  • Demand Uploads (DDE/OPC Client Triggered)

Real-time data polls and History Uploads can be Interleaved
Exception Reporting/Cryout (Control Device, RTU or PLC Triggered)
Embedded Clients

  • Optional RTU to initiate communications without an OPC request from an external Client.
  • Provides more deterministic performance as real-time data items are constantly
    active. Data collected is cached for delivered to external Client applications
    via the Server interface.
  • Provides standalone history/archived data uploads from field devices for storage
    in database or audit files without the requirement of an external Client.

Data Logging:

  • Uploaded data can be logged to any leading database via OLE DB.
  • EFM data uploads can be written to Flow Cal “. CFX” files or to Flow Cal
  • Enterprise (Oracle) format.
  • User defined periodic file closing: file size control
  • User defined path to file location
  • User defined directory and file labels identify file content, date and time.
  • User defined automatic file purging: directory size control

Diagnostics Logging:

  • Message Errors
  • Send Messages
  • Receive Messages
  • Device and Item Activity
  • Status Changes
  • Client Data Received
  • Field Device Data Received
  • Event Notification from Ports
  • Receive Buffer Contents and Data
  • Item Name, Value and Quality
  • Changes in Client Status
  • Changes in AES Configuration
  • Data Flow Between AES Components
  • Performance Data regarding Threads
  • AES Footprint or Tracing Information