RMC SCADA provides a one-stop IIOT cloud offering with state of the art Communication and IT systems for:

> Artificial Lift Monitoring

> Tank Level Monitoring

> LACT Monitoring


    • Bundled SCADA and Communication supplied with the latest in satellite, cellular, and radio technology, including MQTT.
    • Remote site monitoring and automated “Alarm notification” through email, text and voice.
    • Intuitive dashboard design puts you in control.
    •       Process Control – Ability to remotely stop, start devices or change process parameters.
    •       Key Performance Indicators at a glance.
    • Full Graphing/Trending Charting with customizable reporting formats.
    • Single stop for storing all well documentation.

    Everything in Basic …

    • Device Level monitoring including adjacent devices and processes
    • Asset management and device control to integrate multiple devices
    • Enhanced Data Analysis to include Predictive Analytics for Devices and Processes Failures/Outcomes

    Everything in Enhanced…

    • Customized Data Analysis and Advanced Production Process Efficiency Modeling
    • Advanced Production Optimization Solutions for Site-Level and Field-Level Applications
    • Advanced Petroleum Engineering and Production Optimization, Automation, and Consulting Services

IIOT Offering

  • RMC SCADA cloud-based offering is assured with security, reliability, scalability, and availability.
  • Utilizing Cellular and Satellite communication with real time data acquisition technologies which transmit data back to the cloud servers. We can reach practically any remote site to obtain data.
  • No more server maintenance and reduce your IT cost by 50%, we do all the setup for you so that you can focus on your business. No setup and maintenance fee for the client.

Access Data anywhere – anytime

  • What kind of devices can you use to access RMC SCADA web application – “absolutely everything !” mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or even a smart TV.
  • The application uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) and latest technology providing optimal user experience irrespective of the size of the device and ability to access data securely anywhere anytime.



  • Providing you the complete device and communication package, driving down communication cost almost by 70%. Our cost-effective communication pricing and cutting edge technology makes our cloud offering a no brainer.
  • Device installation and communication setup can be completed in less than 6 hours. The customer is ready to view the data in the RMC cloud once the installation is complete at the site.

Alarms and History

  • Powerful alarm notification solution, get alarms callouts via Voice, Text and Email of any events happening in the field.
  • RMC SCADA provides unlimited tags and unlimited historical data storage, without limits.